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Property Maintenance

DPM Estates offer a wide range of property services tailored to suit your property needs 

  • Painting and Decorating
    A good painter and decorator can make all the difference when maintaining a property and keeping it looking in tip-top condition. Painting and decorating offers one of the most cost-effective ways to revitalise a domestic or commercial property.
    Jobs can range from preparing and painting surfaces such as wood, plaster, metal and brickwork, stripping old wallpaper and hanging new wallpaper, re-finishing a house’s internal paintwork through to providing heavy-duty finishings to commercial premises such as warehouses and workshops, or painting exterior features such as fencing and external walls.


  • Gutter Cleaning
    This is an essential part of property maintenance as a blocked gutter can quickly turn into something much more serious, such as water ingress. In the long-term, a blocked gutter can cause a wall to get saturated with water, which is often seen in internal walls due to the presence of damp spots, wallpaper peeling and mould. At its most serious water ingress can cause structural defects.


  • Drain and Gully cleaning
    Blocked drains and gullies need urgent attention as they can quickly cause serious issues such as flooding or property damage. Sewage leaks from shores and Aj’s etc can also be a health hazard to humans and pets


  • Roofing Repairs
    Gone unrepaired, roof problems can quickly escalate into something more serious, From something as simple as a loose or disturbed slate or ridge tile to lead flashing needing to be redone.


  • Gas boiler servicing and repairs
    DPM only use RGI certified tradesmen that can repair old or faulty Gas boilers. Full servicing and re balancing of system can also be arranged annually to keep your boiler running as effective and efficient as it should be.


  • Electrical and Appliance Repairs
    Using on RECI certified electricians we can arrange all types of repair work from fuseboards and the replacement of old to more up-to-date fuse boards.
  • Periodic inspection  tests
  • Installation of electrical showers
  • Installation of electric hobs
  • Repair


  • Attic Insulation
    Overlooked by many homeowners this simple and cost effective solution to energy savings of up to 30% is recommended by DPM ,For optimum efficiency to your home it is recommended that 300mm(app12 inches) of insulation between each joyce should be installed. Installing insulation in a standard attic should only take up to little over a half a day.For a competitive quote please call DPM Estates


  • Glazing
    If your property has a broken or damaged window then it is important to get it fixed quickly for security and safety reasons and also from bad weather that may occur, We can repair handles,Hinges,to most types of windows and doors.


  • Flooring and Tiling Services
    DPM only use quality flooring and tiling fitters,we can arrange measurements design and quotations for what ever you needs are.


  • Handyman and gardening  Services
    No job to big of too  small with this service


  • Full Fit out service
    This full service is ideal for any home owner ,investor ,or recent purchaser that needs a full refurbish to their property,from top to bottom options design and quotations without any obligation can be discussed with a member of DPM
    please call 01-8362954 should you need to discuss or simply email your enquiry to info@dpmestates.ie and we will return by method you prefer


  • All insurance works undertaken
  • Quotes prepared and submitted to insurer.
  • DPM Estates will oversea and carry out any remedial works required.